Joymii - Den and Josephine - Going Wild Video
Model: Josephine
Male Performer: Den
Released Date: December 25, 2015
Size: 447 MB
Quality: MPEG-4, 720p, 00:19:30
Description: Josephine has been travelling and just returned. Josephine is horny and needs some sex NOW. Den and Josephine don’t waste any time. They have no intention, or need, to go fast though. They like experiencing and enjoying each others bodies and how much they feel for one another. Still, it has been a few days ago that they had sex and no matter how long they’ve been together, it’s nice to go wild once in a while, and that’s just what they do. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder? Come and see for yourself…enjoy! 🙂
title:Joymii – Den and Josephine – Going Wild Video